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The Truth About Senior Medication Management

The Truth About Senior Medication Management

One of the most important tasks of a caregiver is medication management. But for some of you reading this blog, you're not a caregiver. Your parent may be at that stage where they can still take care of themselves, but you see them slowing down, becoming more...

How to Combat Caregiver Burnout

How to Combat Caregiver Burnout

Often, caring for a loved one in need is an all-consuming role that can become emotionally and mentally draining. If you're a caregiver for someone who has a debilitating condition such as dementia or is simply advanced in years, you may find yourself feeling less...

Ask Questions!

Last week we were coming back from a conference in Maryland.  On the drive back, we stopped to see some dear friends in our old home state.  These friends had been our neighbors for seven years and had been adopted grandparents to our children.  When we moved to...

Boxes of Love

For Valentines Day this year we decided to share a little love with our senior neighbors with a "Boxes of Love". The boxes were filled with items such as easy to make soup or baked good mixes, stationary, stamps, grocery gift cards, non-slip slipper socks, lip balm,...

Just Because

We receive a daily email from Proverbs 31 ministries and today's email brought tears to my eyes. Thought I would post it here for others to enjoy... Grace looked up from the old, worn photo album to see Richard the postman making his way through the cold to her...

Exceeding Expectations

Every caregiver we have hired has passed our interview process with flying colors. They have glowing recommendations. They have exceptional work experience and are exemplary citizens. Each and every one has a heart to serve. So it would stand to reason that they would...

Agency, Registry or Independent Caregiver?

There are several options to choose from when deciding on non-medical home care...agencies, registries, and independent caregivers. The following information will help you to understand the differences between a professional home care agency and a registry or...